I am an outreach ambassador and developer.
I design and implement well-considered and maintainable experiences.
I believe in consistency, accessibility and utility.
I know that tomorrow is as important as today.

2019 —

Fullstack Developer at Roam Analytics
Roam is building the natural language processing infrastructure for modern healthcare systems. As an applications enginner, I'm working to make that knowledge accessible to those who can do great things with it.

Moved to San Francisco
Participant in the Silicon Valley Internship Programme 2019/20.

Graduated from University of Bristol
MEng Computer Science with Study Abroad. My final project was focused on sentiment analysis of social interactions for financial prediction, and a business plan for a society management tool
 Link, Project

STEM Outreach
Creating and delivering free workshops in Bristol in computer science, robotics and related fields.

Outreach Officer at CSS Bristol
Coordinating with University of Bristol and external organisations to increase STEM engagement, I also held the position of Acting Press Officer from September to December 2018, managing branding, publicity and social media presence for the 2.1k+ member society
 Link, About

Teaching Assistant at University of Bristol
Mentoring undergraduate teams on the fulfillment of client-driven software development projects, and helping with the teaching of Agile methodology, database technologies and computer security

Bristol PLUS Award
Award for extra-curricular development endorsed by companies and professional bodies like Accenture, BAE Systems and ICAEW

Trackers for various things like activity and hydration, with a static client-side CMS that updates the site through Netlify Git Gateway
 Git, JavaScript, Liquid, HTML5/CSS3

Personal, minimal web tools (digital dice and a pomodoro timer), with configuration options settable through the URI hash; to share dice with someone, click 'Live', share the URI with them then click 'Live' on the their device
 Dice, Pomodoro  JavaScript, Node.js, HTML5/CSS3

A daily gallery of what I'm wearing
 Link  Liquid, SVG/XML, HTML5/CSS3

An online dashboard for social sentiment of companies, powered by FastText, Twitter and Microsoft Cognitive Services
 Link, Repo, Report  AWS, Python, JavaScript, NoSQL, React, HTML5/CSS3

2018 —

An online continuous double auction for event tickets
 Link, Repo  AWS, JavaScript, Node.js, NoSQL, React, HTML5/CSS3

A superscalar processor simulator, with modular architecture and customisable ISA
 Private  Repo  C++

Hedgehog Bot
A redesigned home, with new activities and learning resources, for the introduction to IoT and robotics used by 500+ children
 Link  MVSE-Outreach  Arduino, C++, JavaScript, Liquid, UI/UX, HTML5/CSS3

WCAG2 evaluation for the Hundred Rabbits theme ecosystem
 Repo  hundredrabbits/themes  JavaScript

Yu-Scan Be
Cross-platform app, backend for messaging and data sync, and BLE firmware for a health and wellness startup
 Private  Repo  Yu-Scan Labs  Arduino, C++, JavaScript, Node.js, NoSQL, React Native

Studied at HKUST
An exchange year at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, studying Deep Learning for Vision, AI, Cloud Computing/Big Data, Cybersecurity, AI Entrepreneurship, Graphics Rendering and Social Information Networks

Animator & Trace
3D Spline-Based Animation System and Ray-Tracing OpenGL Renderer
 Private  Animator, Trace  C++

An Impressionist Painting Program
 Private  Repo  C++

An Opinionated SCSS Framework
 Repo  SCSS, UI/UX

2017 —

Buffer Overflow Implementations
 Private  Repo  C++

Messenger Bot for Competition Management
 Message  AWS, JavaScript, NoSQL

Convolutional Networks
Fully-Connected Neural Networks for Vision
 Private  Repo  Python, TensorFlow

Implementation of K-Anonymity
 Private  Repo  Python

Style Transfer
GANs, Captioning and Style Transfer with Neural Networks
 Private  Repo  Python, TensorFlow

Project Martini
Smart heating control for enterprise with intelligent scheduling and conflict resolution, focused on energy efficiency and controllable from users' smartphones
 Private  Repo  Q Branch  AWS, C++, JavaScript, Node.js, NoSQL, React Native, UI/UX

2016 —

The Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award
The highest in a series of awards requiring up to 18 months of volunteering, personal development in a skill and physical pursuit, and an expedition 

Game of Life
Parallelised Conway's Game of Life
 Archived  Repo  XC

2015 —

Dice Game for Mobile/Web
 Repo  JavaScript

Behaviour and competition tracking for youth groups
 Archived  Repo (Redis), (SQL)  CoffeeScript, Node.js, NoSQL, SQL

Youth group management tool
 Archived  Repo (Meteor), (Cloudant), (Neo4j)  CoffeeScript, Node.js, NoSQL

NCO for Slack
Slackbot for NCO
 Archived  Repo  CoffeeScript

Puzzle Game
 Play, Repo  CoffeeScript

Multiplayer Dice Game
 Repo  CoffeeScript, Node.js

2014 —

Raleigh International Volunteer
Procured sponsorship from Rotary International and BDO Accountancy, built a school comodor for an indigenous community, and completed a 50mi hike